My Pro-Taco Agenda

Posted by | 5:24 AM
� Patrick RomeroStaying true to the lessons I learned during Miami, I spent my holiday week in Sunset Beach enjoying the company of my husba...

The Most Disturbing Thing I Have Ever Seen

Posted by | 1:19 AM
Sleeping Rat Baby � Anne GeddesI am back in New York after seven sun-soaked days lazing around the beaches of Orange County. I am mildly re...

Oscar Peterson RIP

Going Back to Cali

Posted by | 12:32 AM
Los Angeles (Blue Mustang). � Adam BartosI am heading west tomorrow for my annual holiday break from all things New York with my wonderful i...

Met Scores Big With Arbus Archive

Posted by | 11:15 PM
Woman with a Veil on Fifth Avenue, N.Y.C. � Diane ArbusToday's NYT reports that the estate of Diane Arbus has gifted her massive persona...

What's the Story Here?

Posted by | 10:09 PM
Brendan Smialowski/Getty ImagesThe photo above ran with a story today in the NY Times about Bill Clinton assuming a higher profile role in H...

Battle Photo: I Love Lucy!

Posted by | 10:47 PM
Lucy/Georgia 1968 � Fred Herzogvs.Battery Park, New York, 2000 � Hiroshi Watanabe

Thank You Science!

Posted by | 11:16 PM
From the Huffington Post:Three Turkish Angora cats were born in January and February through cloning with a gene that produces a red fluores...

A Good Deal Just Got Great

Posted by | 11:33 AM
Perry, Route 80, Kentucky 2005 � Amy SteinHumble Arts Foundation is currently offering 20% off the price of their limited edition print sele...

Post Miami High

Posted by | 11:59 PM
The carpetbaggers and scalawags are slowly making their way back from the sunny sands of Miami Beach to the cold hard concrete of New York a...

Miami Bound

Posted by | 3:42 AM
Wednesday morning I will be leaving my New York ice cave and flying to the Sunshine State to luxuriate in the four day art bender that is Ar...

The Drawing Project

Posted by | 10:27 PM
The first drawing available from Jason Polan's The Drawing ProjectI am beginning to think that Jason Polan does not sleep. He produces ...

Big Photography Openings

Posted by | 12:08 PM
Nura Garuba and friend with their monkey, Nigeria 2005 � Pieter HugoTwo huge photography shows are opening tonight in Chelsea and I couldn&#...

Battle Photo: Tower of Power!

Posted by | 11:30 PM
This Battle Photo comes by way of suggestion from the always ambulant Timothy "Booneville" Briner.Cooling Tower � James Rotzvs.Amo...

ArtWalk NY This Tuesday

Posted by | 10:10 PM
Net 2007 � Amy SteinThis Wednesday is the 13th Annual ArtWalk NY benfiting the Coalition for the Homeless. ArtWalk is one of the premier ar...

How Cool Is This?

Posted by | 6:43 AM
� Robert BechtleSix of my Stranded photos are going to be hanging in a museum show next to works by Robert Frank and Robert Bechtle. Holy c...

Talented Friends: Eric Percher and Matthew Baum

Posted by | 11:16 PM
� Eric PercherLast night we attended an open studio featuring the work of my dear friend and studio mate, Eric Percher. Eric was showing ph...

Zoe Strauss Kicks Ass

Posted by | 10:37 AM
� Zoe StraussHow much ass can one lady kick? If that lady is Zoe Strauss then we are talking about a full time ass-kicking machine. Mrs. S...

Humble Arts Foundation Announces Grant Winner

Posted by | 11:24 PM
Claire, 2007 � Molly LandrethHumble Arts Foundation has just announced the winner of it's first semi-annual grant for emerging photograp...

Robert Adams On PBS

Posted by | 12:49 AM
East from Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder County, Colorado � Robert AdamsLast night's episode of the PBS show Art in the Twenty-First Centur...
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To All My Friends

Posted by | 9:21 PM
Five Sour Cherries � Neil PlotkinI am very fortunate to be surrounded by a tight group of very talented friends and family members. They ar...

New Halloween in Harlem Photos

Posted by | 10:36 AM
This past Wednesday I hit the streets of East Harlem for the fourth year in a row to shoot portraits for my Halloween in Harlem series. In ...

Battle Photo: Wind In Hair!

Posted by | 8:51 PM
Southbound � Mike Brodievs.Dakota (Hair), 2004 � Ryan McGinley

Confessions of a Bialy Hater

Posted by | 9:47 PM
Last night we made a trip to our local supermarket to buy groceries. Not uncommon and barely worth mentioning, except that this evening the...

Happy Halloween

Posted by | 7:55 PM
� Amy Stein

New Stranded Photos Added to Google Map

Posted by | 7:43 AM
Lori and Ron, Interstate 5, Oregon � Amy SteinI've added some new photographs to my Stranded Google map from my most recent road trip th...

"I�m Just a Photographer"

Posted by | 7:55 PM
� Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide/Photo Archive GroupFascinating story in today's New York Times about Nhem En, the man who took the pictu...

Lori Nix at Randall Scott Gallery

Posted by | 11:14 PM
Great Hall 2006 � Lori NixThis Saturday Randall Scott Gallery will be holding an opening reception for a solo exhibition of work by the very...

Nan Goldin Photo Ruled 'Not Indecent'

Posted by | 9:08 PM
I have been following this story for a while and it looks like more rational heads have finally prevailed. Some would say this type of even...

American Photo's Top Emerging Photograpahers

Posted by | 11:06 PM
The current issue of American Photo features their selection of the top fifteen emerging photographers and I made the list. Needless to say...

Nice Kitty

Posted by | 10:25 AM
Any time you bring a catfish, a dead chicken, a hand grenade, and a large wildcat into your home you know the results will be magical. Via B...


Posted by | 10:27 AM
Trolley, New Orleans, 1955 � Robert FrankSold at Christie's photography auction Wednesday.

Battle Photo: Felled Beast!

Posted by | 9:31 AM
� Joel Sternfeldvs.� Gregory Crewdson

The End of a Crazy Week

Posted by | 5:26 AM
Spectrum of Life � Matthew PillsburyThe week behind was a little crazy as I tried to complete my Domesticated monograph. I took another tri...

The White Stripes Holga

Posted by | 3:54 AM
The White Stripes have partnered with Lomographische to produce limited edition cameras. The "Jack" model will be a Holga with fi...
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Take It To The Bridge

Posted by | 12:24 AM
Watering Hole � Amy SteinIf you are in London this weekend be sure to make it over to the Bridge Art Fair. Randall Scott Gallery will be e...

Block Ice & Propane

Posted by | 3:04 AM
� Lee FriedlanderErik Friedlander is an amazing cellist whose new album, Block Ice & Propane, has quickly become my new favorite traveli...
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I Love Gifts in the Mail: Colin Blakely and Rachael Dunville

Posted by | 12:49 AM
� Colin BlakelyLast week was a gift-in-the-mail bonanza. Colin Blakely sent me a signed print from his Somewhere in Middle America series. ...

Fascists Attack Andres Serrano Photos in Swedish Gallery

Posted by | 9:42 PM
So sad that this is the state of public discourse. From the IHT: A grainy video of four masked vandals running through an art gallery in S...

Sold to the Lady with the Wine in Her Hand

Posted by | 9:53 AM
� Rebecca Norris WebbSaturday we drove "upstate" to Mt Tremper to visit Mathew Pokoik and finally see the Interactive Landscape sh...

Best Band Photo Ever

Posted by | 12:00 AM
� Piper FergusonToday Pitchfork featured a stream of the song Rachael by the group Neon Neon. Neon Neon is a collaboration between Gruff Rh...
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Hubble and the Crab Nebula

Posted by | 10:24 AM
I just read about images from the Hubble Space Telescope on America Photo's State of the Art blog and then spent the next two hours star...

Battle Photos: Icebergs!

Posted by | 7:13 AM
� Lynn Davisvs.Camille Seaman

"We Don't Torture"

Posted by | 8:44 PM
"I've said to the people that we don't torture, and we don't." -- George Bush, September 6, 2006Ooops, his bad. Looks...

Josef Koudelka: This Photo is Blowing My Mind

Posted by | 1:44 AM
� Josef KoudelkaLast night we attended the Alessandra Sanguinetti artist talk at Aperture Gallery. Alessandra is very smart in how she appr...

Hysteria Wins, Thanksgiving is Over

Posted by | 7:14 PM
Following the hysteria that lead police to confiscate a single Nan Goldin photo of two girls playing, Elton John has decided to pull the ins...

Alessandra Sanguinetti at Aperture this Tuesday

Posted by | 6:57 AM
� Alessandra SanguinettiAlessandra Sanguinetti will be giving an artist's talk at Aperture Gallery this Tuesday. Alessandra's work...

Photographic Center Northwest PhotoVision Auction

Posted by | 10:29 PM
� Amy SteinBenefit auction season is on in a big way. See here and here. This Saturday Photographic Center Northwest is holding their secon...

Best Schwag Ever

Posted by | 10:28 AM
A couple of days ago I received an email from a public relations firm inviting me to a product preview party for Nikon at Buddha Bar in the ...

Moustache Ride

Posted by | 8:06 AM
This evening when I was coming home my subway car had seven men with moustaches along for the ride. Seven! That has to be the highest conc...

Nan Goldin "Art Porn" Update

Posted by | 3:59 AM
Elton John issued a statement today confirming his ownership of the Nan Goldin photo seized by police.The photograph entitled "Klara an...

Oh, That Shen Wei

Posted by | 3:54 AM
Shen Wei Dance ArtsThe 2007 MacArthur Fellowship 'genius grants' were announced yesterday and I nearly spit my coffee on my keyboard...

Nan Goldin "Art Porn" Seized by Police

Posted by | 12:00 AM
� Nan GoldinNot sure if the photo above is the "art porn" in question (and what exactly is "art porn?"), but here's ...

Critical Mass Registration is Now Open

Posted by | 3:43 AM
� Donald WeberIf you apply to just one juried competition this year, you are pretty stupid. (You should apply to at least three.) But, if ...

About Last Night

Posted by | 8:56 AM
� Simon NorfolkLast night was Rachael Dunville's big opening at Peer Gallery and the joint was packed with her friends and family from M...

On Newsstands Now

Posted by | 12:32 AM
� Amy SteinThe October issue of Money Magazine features a story by the fabulous Lisa Hunter about using the Internets to buy art. The story...

Rachael Dunville at Peer Gallery

Posted by | 4:10 AM
� Rachael DunvilleThis Thursday is the opening reception for Rachael Dunville's first solo exhibition at Peer Gallery. Rachael is a goo...

Terry Falke: This Photo is Blowing My Mind

Posted by | 11:02 AM
� Terry FalkeI tend to think that I have the photography landscape pretty much surveyed. Boy, was I wrong. I just discovered the work of T...

Parsons MFA Thesis Show

Posted by | 9:20 PM
� Patti HallockPatti Hallock reminds that the Parsons 2007 MFA Thesis Exhibition is up through September 28 at the Calumet Gallery in New Yo...

Of Bread and Circuses and Oreo Pizzas

Posted by | 10:21 AM
We live in a fabulously depraved moment in time. Whatever your vice, whatever your crave, whatever your want, a shrewd and savvy merchant w...

Nathan Baker at Randall Scott This Saturday

Posted by | 10:33 PM
� Nathan BakerThe Randall Scott Gallery in Washington, D.C., is presenting a solo show by one my favorite people and one of my favorite phot...

I Love Gifts in the Mail: Jerry Vezzuso

Posted by | 8:36 AM
� Jerry VezzusoA couple of days ago I received a package from good friend, Jerry Vezzuso, that contained a copy of his new self-published bo...

Art on the Cheap

Posted by | 7:20 AM
� Younga ParkJen Bekman has finally launched her new online venture, 20x200, and I quickly scooped up a $20 print by Amy Ross. It will be i...

Battle Photo: Rickety Porch!

Posted by | 7:28 PM
� Jeff Wallvs.� Stephen Shore

The Photographer Who Takes Pictures of Women and Guns

Posted by | 9:35 PM
� Amy SteinAlec Soth has often mentioned his theory that a photographer will be reduced to a single sentence that describes their work; &quo...

Party Like a Rockstar

Posted by | 11:44 PM
� Melissa Auf Der MaurIf there is one thing I don't do, it's party like a rockstar. On certain nights I let go and may approach som...

Making the Scene

Posted by | 12:16 PM
� Kohei YoshiyukiSummer doesn't officially end until September 21, but all the popular markers that spell the true end of the season are...

Click Chic at Visual Arts Museum

Posted by | 10:10 AM
� Roderick AngleMy dear friend, Dan Halm, has curated his first big time show, Click Chic: The Fine Art of Fashion Photography. Click Chic,...

The Girl on the Magazine Cover

Laboring Over the Labor Day Weekend

Posted by | 10:56 PM
Woman Aircraft Worker � 1942 David BransbyLabor Day weekend I will be doing some serious laboring. A good friend is getting married in Wash...

Travels With Charlie

Posted by | 12:54 AM
� Charles TraubOne of the joys of my time with the Do You Know What It Means project has been working with Charles Traub. I have known Char...

Battle Photo: Swans!

Posted by | 2:51 AM
� Corey Arnoldvs.� Will Rogan

Back to the Big Easy

Posted by | 10:07 AM
Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, 1970Tomorrow I am traveling to New Orleans for my last stint as Director of the Do You Know What It Means pro...

Griffin Opening Recap

Posted by | 11:18 PM
� Colin BlakelyThis past Thursday, Shen, Natasha, and I made the journey up to Winchester, MA, for the opening of the 13th Annual Griffin Mu...

Behind the Scenes of a Crewdson Shoot

Posted by | 3:04 AM
� Gregory features a photo and text slide show behind the scenes of a recent Crewdson shoot in Pittsfield, MA. With mass...

Richard Misrach: This Photo is Blowing My Mind

Posted by | 7:32 PM
Desert Fire #153 (Man with Rifle) � Richard MisrachWhile I was visiting Corey Arnold in Portland, I was flipping through his copy of Richard...

Griffin Museum Juried Show Opening Thursday

Posted by | 12:30 AM
� Shen WeiI will be on the road again tomorrow traveling all the way to Winchester, MA, for the opening of the Griffin Museum of Photography...

Greetings from New York City...Sigh

Posted by | 2:13 AM
It's strange how one day you find yourself at the apex of mental and spiritual satisfaction stretching out in the vast unspoiled beauty ...

Greetings from Point Arena, California

Posted by | 12:27 PM
Another long day of traveling through beautiful country. We only ran into one stranded motorist, but I think the photos will be great. Pos...

Greetings from Eureka, California

Posted by | 12:54 PM
5th Street and Broadway, Eureka, CA � Stephen ShoreWhat a haul. Today we traveled the length of Oregon on Interstate 5, across to Crescent ...

Greetings from Portland, Oregon

Posted by | 12:16 AM
We rolled into the Rose City yesterday after a hike through Oneonta Gorge and a stop at the Edgefield for a couple of beers. We found a cou...

Greatings from Cascade Locks, Oregon

Posted by | 12:19 PM
Another long drive today, but the stranded business was good. We left Boise and found a couple stuck under an overpass not ten minutes late...

Greetings from Boise, Idaho

Posted by | 10:39 PM
Long day yesterday. We drove from Winnemucca, Nevada, to Wells, Nevada, and then up Twin Falls, Idaho, and west to Boise. Many miles and o...

Greetings from Winnemucca, Nevada

Posted by | 1:19 PM
What a day on the road. Here's a quick recap: Last night we arrived in San Francisco around midnight, rented a car, and headed east to...

I Love This City, I Hate This City

Posted by | 8:45 PM
If you live or work in New York City, then you know how much fun this morning has been. Severe rains have flooded the subway system and cri...

Humble Arts Foundation Offering Limited Editioned Prints

Posted by | 6:52 PM
Peri, Route 80, Kentucky 2006 � Amy SteinStarting today Humble Arts Foundation will be offering small editioned, signed prints from three p...

Battle Photo: Jump!

Posted by | 1:08 AM
� Bill Owensvs.� Zoe Strauss

Stranded Tour Hits the Northwest

Posted by | 9:31 AM
2007 � Amy SteinNext Saturday I will be heading west for the next leg of my Stranded series. For eight days I will be driving the highways ...

I Love Gifts in the Mail: Jeongmee Yoon and Jason Polan

Posted by | 10:52 PM
� Jeongmee YoonYesterday I came home to find two packages at my front door. Inside the first package was a signed copy of Jeongmee Yoon'...

One Man's Garbage Can Project

Posted by | 8:45 PM
� Jonathan GitelsonThe fabulously creative and altogether wonderful human being that is Jonathan Gitelson just launched his latest masterwor...

Photographer Googlegangers

Posted by | 4:18 AM
Mike � Amy Stein (not me)If you know Brian Ulrich then you know he performs smooth jazz the way you like it. Perhaps you know about Brian&#...

Sign the Petition Already!

Posted by | 7:46 PM
� Bruce DavidsonHey New Yorkers and fans of civil liberties. You know the situation, so sign the petition already.

A Kind of Immortality

Posted by | 12:10 AM
Map of the InternetBy now many of you have heard of the apparent double suicide of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. I really wasn't awar...

Make All Your Photos Shore Things

Posted by | 2:01 AM
Do your urban landscapes suffer from 'contemporitis?' Does the glut of taupe Geo Metros and silver Honda Civics that dot our modern ...

Photo of the Week: Cold Drinks, Coney Island

Posted by | 11:14 PM
2003 � Amy Stein

A Culture of Corruption

Posted by | 9:48 PM
� Kathleen FlynnI once viewed this administration as merely incompetent. Now, in their every scandal, I see the calculating and pathologica...

Random Rules

Posted by | 12:50 AM
Every once in a while the shuffle setting on my iPod will play a string of songs that lead me to believe there is an intelligence involved....

Photographic Truthiness

Posted by | 10:50 PM
This is not the LusitaniaDocumentary filmmaker, Errol Morris, who directed one of my all time favorite movies, Fast, Cheap, & Out of Con...
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Found Stranded Photo

Posted by | 10:18 AM
Found photo via cigarettesandpurity by way of Big Happy Funhouse.

The Interactive Landscape

Posted by | 12:14 AM
� Daido MoriyamaMathew Pokoik has curated a great photography exhibition for the 3rd Annual Mt Tremper Arts Festival. The show, The Interac...

Photo of the Week: Carny, Coney Island

Posted by | 12:41 AM
2003 � Amy SteinAnother image from my Photo of the Week focus on Coney Island.

Road Trip Opening, Then Actual Road Trip

Posted by | 11:24 AM
Last night was my first New York gallery opening and what a fabulous opening it was. All the work looked great and the joint was packed. ...

Stranded Google Map

Posted by | 11:10 PM
� Amy SteinFor the Road Trip show at Mixed Greens Gallery I have put together a Google Map of my Stranded series. 61 photographs from the s...

I Love Gifts in the Mail: Wendy Small

Posted by | 10:52 PM
� Wendy SmallI just received a wonderful package from Wendy Small. Inside was a very nice note and three of Wendy's beautiful photogram...

Stranded Featured at Mixed Greens Gallery

Posted by | 10:38 PM
� Amy SteinWork from my Stranded series will be featured in a group show at Mixed Greens Gallery opening this Thursday. Here are the detail...

On the Record

Posted by | 10:02 PM
� Amy Stein"I don't loathe interviews, I'm just one of those people who makes music because I find it difficult to talk."-...

Photo of the Week: Girl With Pink Umbrella, Coney Island, NY

Posted by | 9:04 PM
2003 � Amy SteinWith the impending redevelopment of Coney Island there has been some wistful recollection on the photo blogs of late. I tho...

Independence Day

Posted by | 10:12 PM
� William Lamson"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them u...

The Art of the Nonresponse Response

Posted by | 4:35 AM
� William KleinToday the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting (MOFTB) issued a statement in an attempt to clarify their prop...

Silas H. Rhodes

Posted by | 11:22 PM
Last Wednesday the world lost a truly wonderful man and one of the great innovators of arts education, Silas H. Rhodes. I knew Silas as t...
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Beware the Lure of the Pygmy Goat

Posted by | 8:19 AM
(Not actual goat)I offer the following as cautionary tale. Saturday was an absolutely beautiful summer day. It was the perfect excuse to g...

City May Seek Permit and Insurance for Public Photography

Posted by | 3:28 AM
� Helen LevittWhat in the hell are they thinking? From the New York Times:Some tourists, amateur photographers, even would-be filmmakers ho...

Hot Dog!

Posted by | 5:37 AM
� Susana RaabAs I've mentioned before, I am a member of the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) and had dreams of joi...

New Work from Pieter Hugo

Posted by | 10:55 PM
Solomon Kholopha of St Martin�s Undertakers � Pieter HugoThe folks at Michael Stevenson Gallery just notified me about Pieter Hugo's new...

Sarah Sudhoff in T'what?

Posted by | 10:50 PM
� Sarah SudhoffI am a big fan of double entendres and the work of my good friend, Sarah Sudhoff. This looks like the perfect show for me. T...

Natural Disaster as Visual Metaphor

Posted by | 8:22 AM
On Gallery Hopper, Todd Walker points to an award winning anti-smoking campaign that uses Robert Polidari's Katrina photos to make a vis...

I Love Gifts in the Mail: Justin Visnesky

Posted by | 8:22 AM
� Justin VisneskyThis is getting good. Another wonderful gift in the mail from a kind stranger. This time photographer, Justin Visnesky, s...

Battle Photo: Red Logo, White Wall, Sky!

Posted by | 10:40 PM
� Keld Helmer-Petersenvs.� Andreas Gursky

Viernes Gigante!

Posted by | 6:55 PM
This Friday will henceforth be referred to as Viernes Gigante! Big Friday! A big opening in SoHo and a big closing in Chelsea and me with...

Don't Miss This Show

Posted by | 12:52 AM
� Dan HalmDan Halm is a wonderful friend, a big sweetie, and has done more than just about anyone to help me get my career off the ground. ...

Newly Released

Posted by | 9:18 AM
� Dina Kantor'Twas but a year ago I was scrambling to get my prints ready for the 2006 thesis show. Time does fly. The 2007 version of...
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School of Visual Arts MFA Football Rules!

Posted by | 9:38 PM
Photo illustration by Suellen Parker for The New York Times10 a.m. on a Saturday morning usually finds me stumbling to the front door with c...

I Love Gifts in the Mail: Jason Polan

Posted by | 10:21 AM
The other day I received a lovely package of goodies in the mail from artist, Jason Polan. Among the contents were two books of Jason's...

Documenting Atrocity

Posted by | 2:00 AM
Must read article in the latest edition of Washington Post Magazine detailing Amnesty International's use of high resolution satellite i...

Basque'ing in a Post Vacation Glow

Posted by | 8:57 AM
We just returned to NYC yesterday after ten fabulously lazy days in Spain and the beautiful Basque Coast. I am happy to report that one can...

Hola from Madrid

Posted by | 5:28 PM
We just got to Madrid yesterday morning and hit the ground running with photo openings and delicious wines and cheeses. Most of the time wh...

Doug Dubois: This Photo is Blowing My Mind

Posted by | 8:30 PM
Lise and Spencer in their Backyard � Doug DuboisFirst saw this amazing photo by Doug Dubois at the Where We Live exhibition at the Getty. I...

Sketches of Spain

Posted by | 11:05 PM
� Irving PennIf not for the decades of cocaine and hard partying that took his life in 1991, Miles Davis would have turned 81 yesterday. I ...

Corey Arnold: This Photo is Blowing My Mind

Posted by | 8:56 AM
� Corey ArnoldThis Photo is Blowing My Mind is a new regular blog feature where I will highlight a single photograph that is currently blowi...

Tastykakes and Gumbo

Posted by | 1:34 AM
� Zoe StraussSaturday we hit up Chelsea to see Kelli Connell's show at Yossi Milo and Elijah Gowin at Robert Mann. Great stuff, but we ...

Critical Mass Results Announced

Posted by | 6:49 AM
� Lori Nix 1999The results are in for Photolucida's Critical Mass Book Award and I am one of the five finalists for the softbound monogr...

Benefit for Do You Know What It Means Project

Posted by | 8:04 AM
As some of you may know, I have spent the past year working as Executive Director of the Do You Know What It Means project. A good chunk of...

Griffin Museum Juried Show

Posted by | 11:02 AM
The winners were just announced for the 13th Annual Juried Show at the Griffin Photography Museum and I was fortunate to be awarded with a t...

Installation Shots from Versionfest

Posted by | 6:16 AM
Alas, the 43rd Annual Versionfest Photographic Invitational has come and gone. In case you didn't get a chance to see this epic photo e...

I Have Arrived

Posted by | 2:20 AM
� Amy Stein 2007Awards, shows, publications, print sales... All hollow rewards while you wait patiently for the true measure of art world s...

Photo of the Week: St. John's Eve, Denmark

Posted by | 11:13 AM
� Amy Stein 2003

Pro or Con?

Posted by | 10:23 AM
� Amy Stein 2002An interesting discussion about my Women and Guns series is taking place on the bulletin board, The site s...

This Blog Thing

Posted by | 10:25 PM
I started this blog thing a year ago mainly as a means to post periodic updates about my emerging photography career. At the time I was kne...

Regarding Intimacy

Posted by | 11:56 PM
� Todd Deutsch 2004Andy Adams over at Flak Photo sent me the following:This week, Flak Photo teams up with curator Saul Robbins in support o...

Photonews: Zeitung f�r Fotografie

Posted by | 10:40 PM
Three pieces from my Domesticated series are featured in the May issue of the German photography magazine, Photonews. (I am huge in Hamburg...

Mission Accomplished

Posted by | 11:09 PM
Four years ago today our president strode cocksure on to the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln and declared, "my fellow Americans, major ...

My Kind of Town... Part 2

Posted by | 8:48 PM
A Motive For Change � Carlos and Jason Sanchez 2004Right off the bat I have to confess that art fairs make me uneasy. It's like a fie...

My Kind of Town...

Posted by | 10:53 AM
Just back from three fabulous days in the Windy City. More on the trip later, but quick highlights include the 43rd Annual Versionfest Pho...

Come On Feel the Illinoise!

Posted by | 9:25 AM
I have finally cracked the inner sanctum of the Loyal Order of Chicagraphers. Grand Poobahs, Brian Ulrich and Jon Gitelson, have curated th...

Every Story Takes a Picture

Posted by | 8:31 PM
� Alison Brady 2006New York Magazine highlights images from three photographers currently showing in New York galleries. The three photogra...

Photo of the Week: Werewolf, East Harlem, NY

Posted by | 1:15 AM
� Amy Stein 2005

Stranded Series Featured on Solo Show

Posted by | 8:13 AM
� Amy Stein 2006Humble Arts Foundation is a not-for-profit that has been providing invaluable grant, publication, and exhibition opportuniti...

Kenny the Retarded White Tiger

Posted by | 8:42 AM
� Taryn SimonLast week I attended a lecture by Taryn Simon at Aperture. Taryn has always inspired me and I find a lot of parallels between ...

The AIPAD Photography Show

Posted by | 10:43 PM
The AIPAD Photography Show kicks off tonight with a benefit preview and then continues all weekend. This is the big New York photo event wi...

Photo of the Week: Roadside Bride, Milford, PA

Posted by | 9:13 AM
� Amy Stein 2006

I *Heart* Zoe Strauss

Posted by | 1:40 AM
� Zoe StraussI admit it. I have a complete photo crush on Zoe Strauss. I have never met her, so it's hard to nail down why I have beco...