The White Stripes Holga

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The White Stripes have partnered with Lomographische to produce limited edition cameras. The "Jack" model will be a Holga with fi...
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Take It To The Bridge

Posted by | 12:24 AM
Watering Hole � Amy SteinIf you are in London this weekend be sure to make it over to the Bridge Art Fair. Randall Scott Gallery will be e...

Block Ice & Propane

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� Lee FriedlanderErik Friedlander is an amazing cellist whose new album, Block Ice & Propane, has quickly become my new favorite traveli...
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I Love Gifts in the Mail: Colin Blakely and Rachael Dunville

Posted by | 12:49 AM
� Colin BlakelyLast week was a gift-in-the-mail bonanza. Colin Blakely sent me a signed print from his Somewhere in Middle America series. ...

Fascists Attack Andres Serrano Photos in Swedish Gallery

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So sad that this is the state of public discourse. From the IHT: A grainy video of four masked vandals running through an art gallery in S...

Sold to the Lady with the Wine in Her Hand

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� Rebecca Norris WebbSaturday we drove "upstate" to Mt Tremper to visit Mathew Pokoik and finally see the Interactive Landscape sh...