La Fot�grafos de M�xico, Pt. 4

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� Carlos RodriguezPhotographer: Carlos RodriguezFrom: Hide-and-SeekWeb site:� Lluvia Pamela RamirezPhotographer:...


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Synesthesia is a neurological event in which the stimulation of one sensory path triggers an involuntary response in a second sensory path. ...

Susana Raab Solo Show in Milwaukee

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Hot Dorothies � Susana RaabThe lovely and talented Susana Raab is having the first solo show of her saturated and smart images that explore ...

La Fot�grafos de M�xico, Pt. 3

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� Silvana AgostoniPhotographer: Silvana AgostoniFrom: PanoticonWeb site:� Javier SirventPhotographer: Javier Sirvent...

Living in a Reversed World

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Mind Hacks has an interesting post about a new study in Psychological Science that suggests a shift in our angle of site can alter our perce...

2009 Light Work Annual

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The 2009 Light Work Annual is out now and features five images from my Stranded series with an essay by Alec Soth. I'm very grateful to ...

Three Ways of Melting a Chocolate Hare

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I am really loving the colorful films of Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug. Be sure to view I Love Alaska. It's one of the most engag...

Photography by Thomas Wuhrer

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Photo by Thomas Wuhrer - Technorati Tags: Photography , Thomas Wuhrer

La Fot�grafos de M�xico, Pt. 2

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� Andre�s ArenasPhotographer: Andre�s ArenasFrom: Hotel VirreyesWeb site:� Livia RadwanskiPhotographer: Livia Radwa...