Great online resource - Phototree

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Ever wished that there was a way to easily browse through Flickr to find photographs which are catered to your taste? Well, there is now. P...

Joseph Umbro Photography

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Joseph Umbro | Work Technorati Tags: Joseph Umbro , Photography , Photos , Images , Art , Models

Full on Urban Decay Photostream by confusedvision at Flickr

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A really nice photostream from confusedvision at Flickr. A lof of his work just stinks of urban decay which I love and is tastefully captur...

Nice Flickr Set by Karl's

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Do you know who I am? A nice online portfolio from Karl's on Flickr. There is a nice diverse mixture of shots from the extremely high c...

Matthias Willi - Photography

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matthias willi photography Technorati Tags: Matthias Willi , Photography , Photos , Images , Landscape

Online portfolio of photographer Jill Greenberg

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Jill Greenberg :: The Manipulator Technorati Tags: Jill Greenberg , Photography , Sarah Connor , Terminator , Photos

Daniela Edburg Photography

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To put it simply, Daniela Edburg makes kitsch and beautiful photographs of women murdered or to be killed by consumer goods. She said that t...


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About Lensbabies. Lensbaby� SLR lenses bring one area of your photo into sharp focus, with that Sweet Spot� surrounded by gradually increas...

But The Good News Is...

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� Anneke JorisThe wonderful image above was created by Anneke Joris. Anneke sent me a nice note and said she was inspired by my photo, Howl...