Photographer #060: Jeff Bark

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Photographer Jeff Bark, USA, 1963, makes his images look like paintings. In his series Woodpecker he build a scene including a pond in his ...

Special #002: Olivia Bee

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Too young to be a photographer? Olivia Bolles, 1994, USA, better known as Olivia Bee who just turned 16, proves otherwise. For several years...

Photographer #059: Lori Nix

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Lori Nix, USA, 1969, is a photographer who uses miniatures and models to achieve her images. A recurring theme in nearly all of her photogra...

Photographer #058: Jan Koster

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Dutch photographer Jan Koster, 1959, mainly focuses on the Dutch landscapes and has done so since the early 1990's. He first got recogni...

Photographer #057: Christian Lamontagne

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Christian Lamontagne, Canada, 1978, is a photographer and also works on various video productions. He has covered various stories across the...

Photographer #056: Lana Slezic

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Lana Slezic, Canada, 1973, comes from a Croatian family. Until the war in 1991 she went to Croatia every summer. After the war she went been...

I Love This Photo

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I'm loving this photo of Jason Polan, me and Melanie Flood by Bert Teunissen.