Photographer #120: Mona Kuhn

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Mona Kuhn, Brazil, 1969, released her latest book  Native  in 2010. She lives in Los Angeles, but for this book she went back to her native ...

When Werner Herzog Rescued Joaquin Phoenix

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When Herzog Rescued Phoenix from Sascha Ciezata on Vimeo.

Photographer #119: Paul Kenny

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Paul Kenny, Great-Britain, 1951, makes photographs that are bright in color and mysterious. One has to look twice before noticing what the v...

Evolve or Die

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� Mona Lisa Productions I'm a bit of an evolution junkie. I'm particularly fascinated by the idea of evolution in real time. We tend...

Photographer #118: Martin Stranka

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Martin Stranka, 1984, is a young photographer from the Czech Republic. He has no education in photography. The images he makes are poetic an...

Senhorinha do R�!

Found Science Images

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Dopamine crystals viewed with polarized light � Spike Walker From "How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb" Behavior of waves � Berenic...

Photographer #117: Mathieu Bernard-Reymond

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French photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, 1976, examines architecture, people, landscapes and their mutual interactions in his series Dis...

Photographer #116: Erika Larsen

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Erika Larsen, USA, 1976, has worked on a project creating photographs and a film of Sami reindeer herders living in the scandinavian arctic....