David Terrazas Photography

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Madrid on the Behance Network Technorati Tags: David Terrazas , Photography , Behance

Bedlam Exposed

Posted by | 6:13 AM
� Charlie LordAll Things Considered had a fascinating story today about a group of WWII conscientious objectors who were assigned to work at...

Merry Christmas

Posted by | 4:55 AM
Ronald Reagan on TV � Bill Owens

Vic Chesnutt RIP

Posted by | 12:51 PM
A tragic end for a truly brilliant singer and songwriter

Anthony Kurtz - Vegas Bound Photography

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Commercial Work: Las Vegas Campaign on the Behance Network Technorati Tags: Anthony Kurtz , Vegas Bound , Photography

One-Eyed Man with Harpoon

Posted by | 11:11 AM
Fascinating story from Smithsonian.com about the discovery of the first known photograph of Phineas Gage, neuroscience's most famous pat...

Glass Jars

Posted by | 1:36 AM
Alec Soth is spreading his narrative wings with video. More please.

Birdfeeders and Evolution

Posted by | 12:37 AM
Domesticated was born largely from my interest in evolution after reading The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time. I became...

The Largest Panorama Photograph in the World

Posted by | 11:11 PM
360 Cities has put together what they believe is the largest panorama photo in the world. Check it out, but be prepared to spend the next 5 ...

The Senate Bill is Sick

A Few Questions for Geoff Smith

Posted by | 10:56 AM
Dishdrainer 2006� Geoff SmithA little over a year ago I was in need of a digital assistant to help me improve my technical skills and prints...

Larry Sultan RIP

Posted by | 10:14 PM
Mom and Dad in Bed, Reading � Larry SultanLarry Sultan's influence can not be understated. Truly a giant of contemporary photography.

The Future of Photobooks

Posted by | 8:33 AM
Andy Adams of Flak Photo asked me to weigh in on the 'Future of Photobooks' conversation initiated by Livebooks. Most of what I'...


Posted by | 12:10 AM
So wrong in so many ways...

The Exhibition Lab

Posted by | 9:59 AM
Two of my favorite NY gallerists, Sasha Wolf and Michael Foley, have banded together on a smart new initiative, The Exhibition Lab. From the...

Peter Van Allen Photography

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Dorset Coastal Photography: Welcome to Dorset Coastal Photography Technorati Tags: Peter Van Allen , Photography , Photo , Images

Deer Swims Across Hudson River to Escape Jersey City

Posted by | 10:21 AM
I want to make this image:A wayward deer is on its way back to the wild after an urban adventure that saw it roam through downtown Jersey Ci...

Eugenio Recuenco Photography

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.: Eugenio Recuenco :. Online portfolio Technorati Tags: Eugenio Recuenco Photography , Images , Portfolio

Spoon Featuring Eggleston Image on Cover of New Album

Posted by | 1:28 AM
Cover of Transference featuring Eggleston's Sumner, Mississippi, c. 1970If you want to create an iconic album cover, just use an Egglest...

Max Ash Photography

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Echoes on the Behance Network Technorati Tags: Max Ash Photography , Behance , Portfolio , Images

Picture Black Friday

Posted by | 8:26 AM
Shopping is pretty much the last thing I want to be doing at dawn, but every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving millions gather in the ea...

Meshes of the Afternoon

Posted by | 2:19 AM
Meshes of the Afternoon is groundbreaking avant-garde film from 1943. It was directed by the great Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid. If it fe...

Doc Ellis & the LSD No-No

Say No to Violence Against Women

Posted by | 11:43 PM
� Nan GoldinUNIFEM, the United Nations development fund for women, just launched a global call for action to end violence against women and ...

Happy Halloween

Posted by | 9:05 AM
Via stevechasmarI was so busy shooting today I almost forgot to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.

Do My Bidding

Posted by | 9:55 AM
Sunburned GSP #144 � Chris McCaw Just a few more days to bid on the impressive photographs in the Aperture Foundation auction.The live aucti...

Must See Shows

Posted by | 8:43 AM
My Mother's Scar � Doug DuboisI'm really looking forward to two openings Thursday night. Doug Dubois' ...all the days and nights...

Something's Happening in DUMBO

Posted by | 8:36 AM
Dina � Phillip ToldedanoThere's a lot of good energy in Dumbo this season. And much of it is centered around 111 Front Street. New galle...
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Surface Tension Thesis Show

Posted by | 10:25 AM
� Jaime PermuthThis Wednesday will see me at the opening of my SVA student's thesis show. The students have worked long and hard over t...

Foreclosure: Death of the American Dream

Posted by | 9:19 PM
Lauren Greenfield continues to push further into the new media realm mixing still photography and video for this piece on the foreclosure cr...

Phil McDarby is a Digital Artist, Photographer & Composer

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Phil McDarby / Profile Technorati Tags: Phil McDarby , Digital Artist , Photographer , Composer

Dutch Accidents

Posted by | 2:44 AM
Accident photos from the Nationaal Archief's photostream on Flickr.

Eames Polaroid Promotional Film

Posted by | 8:59 AM
Promotional film for the Polaroid SX-70 made by Charles and Ray Eames.

Discover: Vivian Maier

Posted by | 7:43 PM
� Vivian Maier John Maloof recently purchased more than 40,000 mostly medium format negatives at an auction for items from an unpaid storag...

A Response to Pieter Hugo's Photographs

Posted by | 11:40 PM
A little over a week ago I posted images from Pieter Hugo's newest series Nollywood. Almost immediately I received a very considered ema...

Enter the Bubble Chamber

Posted by | 10:13 PM
A classic example of a pimue decayI have been very fascinated with bubble chamber photography lately. These photographic images capture shor...

Michael Schmelling Mails It In

Posted by | 8:59 AM
There were so many wonderful things at this year's NY Art Book Fair that I'm kind of glad they didn't take credit cards. My favo...

Side Effects May Include...

Posted by | 8:26 AM
Vintage ad from Espacios publicitariosHeadache; infections; muscle pain; diarrhea; joint pain; inflammation of the sinuses; accidental injur...

Pieter Hugo's Nollywood

Posted by | 4:42 AM
Obechukwu Nwoye. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008 � Pieter HugoThe prolific and talented Pieter Hugo has a new body of work called Nollywood. Nollywood...

In The Street

Posted by | 11:12 AM
Simply one of the most beautiful pieces of poetry ever put to film. Enjoy this classic film by Helen Levitt, Janice Loeb, and James Agee sho...

The Americans

Posted by | 9:22 AM
� Robert FrankTomorrow I'm going to see the "Looking In: Robert Frank's The Americans" exhibit at the Met. For me this fe...

Meet the Family

Posted by | 12:11 AM
National Geographic announces discovery of oldest human skeleton.

Caught or Captured Thursday in DUMBO

Posted by | 9:11 AM
� Charles Fr�ger and Bill SullivanOn Thursday after teaching I'm heading across the river to DUMBO for first Thursday and one show in p...

W. Eugene Smith: This Photo is Blowing My Mind

Posted by | 9:24 AM
W. Eugene Smith, 1957I recently came across a slide show of Kodachrome images on the Fortune magazine Web site. Included in the mix were a n...

Oh Public Road!

Posted by | 11:22 PM
Algiers, Louisiana, 2001 � Peter KayafasThis afternoon I'm traveling to Cambridge, MA for a meeting to plan my upcoming show at the Har...

Anderson Ranch

Posted by | 11:06 PM
Wood shop at Anderson RanchIn late July I taught a workshop called Seeing in Color at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, Colorado. ...

Mugging for the Camera

Posted by | 8:08 PM
Recent mug shots from St. Petersburg TimesThe Smithsonian photography blog, The Bigger Picture, points to a recent article in Time Magazine ...

Lyndon Wade - Photography

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Lyndon Wade | Photographer Technorati Tags: Lyndon Wade , Photography , Images

Big Night

Posted by | 10:12 AM
Glamorous Hair � Tim DavisBoy there are a lot of great shows opening in the next few weeks. Of course, I will be preoccupied with my own op...

Labor Day

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Is about this:John VachonNot this:
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School Daze

Posted by | 9:23 AM
A high school graduate and friend in Baku, Azerbaijan � James PomerantzPhotojournalist and newly minted graduate student James Pomerantz ha...


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WHAT LIES BENEATH THE SURFACE part 3 on the Behance Network Technorati Tags: Guy Sargent , Photography , WHAT LIES BENEATH THE SURFACE

Crappy Taxidermy

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Oh, what an ignoble fate. Crappy Taxidermy via Alanna Risse (aka Angry Pirate).

La Fot�grafos de M�xico, Pt. 5

Posted by | 8:07 PM
� Javier CuervoPhotographer: Javier Cuervo� Vanessa FentonPhotographer: Vanessa FentonFrom: Fourteen ClosetsWeb site: thisishumanmade.bl...

La Fot�grafos de M�xico, Pt. 4

Posted by | 10:11 AM
� Carlos RodriguezPhotographer: Carlos RodriguezFrom: Hide-and-SeekWeb site: flickr.com/photos/elcharlys� Lluvia Pamela RamirezPhotographer:...


Posted by | 8:59 AM
Synesthesia is a neurological event in which the stimulation of one sensory path triggers an involuntary response in a second sensory path. ...

Susana Raab Solo Show in Milwaukee

Posted by | 4:19 AM
Hot Dorothies � Susana RaabThe lovely and talented Susana Raab is having the first solo show of her saturated and smart images that explore ...

La Fot�grafos de M�xico, Pt. 3

Posted by | 8:09 AM
� Silvana AgostoniPhotographer: Silvana AgostoniFrom: PanoticonWeb site: www.silvanaagostoni.com� Javier SirventPhotographer: Javier Sirvent...

Living in a Reversed World

Posted by | 9:02 PM
Mind Hacks has an interesting post about a new study in Psychological Science that suggests a shift in our angle of site can alter our perce...

2009 Light Work Annual

Posted by | 9:08 AM
The 2009 Light Work Annual is out now and features five images from my Stranded series with an essay by Alec Soth. I'm very grateful to ...

Three Ways of Melting a Chocolate Hare

Posted by | 11:39 PM
I am really loving the colorful films of Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug. Be sure to view I Love Alaska. It's one of the most engag...

Photography by Thomas Wuhrer

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Photo by Thomas Wuhrer - yeeta.com Technorati Tags: Photography , Thomas Wuhrer

La Fot�grafos de M�xico, Pt. 2

Posted by | 8:41 AM
� Andre�s ArenasPhotographer: Andre�s ArenasFrom: Hotel VirreyesWeb site: arenasphoto.blogspot.com� Livia RadwanskiPhotographer: Livia Radwa...

Typography Fun

Syracuse MFA Show Opening Friday Night

Posted by | 2:22 AM
� Christopher GianunzioLast fall semester Doug DuBois invited me to Syracuse University to speak to his students and visit with some of the ...

La Fot�grafos de M�xico, Pt. 1

Posted by | 8:37 AM
Several weeks ago I lead a photography book-making workshop in Mexico City for T�xico Cultura. The workshop was attended by a great group of...

The Andrey & Lili Portfolio

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Indonesia on the Behance Network Technorati Tags: The Andrey and Lili , Portfolio , Photography , Behance

Blurb's Photography.Book.Now Contest

Posted by | 10:24 PM
2008 Photography.Book.Now winner, In The Garden by Beth DowTwo weeks ago I lead a six day photography book workshop in Mexico City. The work...

Pigeon Craps On Guggenheim and Means It

Posted by | 9:09 PM
� John GordonAs newspapers and magazines continue to cut costs (and quality) by laying off arts writers and critics, I shudder to think what...

The Project : Fallen Princesses

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JPG Magazine: Stories: The Project: Fallen Princesses Technorati Tags: JPG Magazine , Stories , The Project , Fallen...

Mark Holthusen Photography

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Mark Holthusen Photography Technorati Tags: Mark Holthusen , Photography , Wildlife , Images

Jo Duck Photography

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|| JoDuck Photography || Technorati Tags: Jo Duck , Photography , Fashion

Andres Hernandez Photography

Posted by | 6:54 PM
Andres Hernandez // Miami and New York Fashion Photographers // Beauty, editorial, Commercial, Portrait and Advertising Technorati Tags: And...

Jacques Olivar Photography

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JACQUES OLIVAR PHOTOGRAPHER Technorati Tags: Jacques Olivar , Photography

The Andrey & Lili Portfolio

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L'or on the Behance Network Technorati Tags: The Andrey & Lili Portfolio , Behance , Photography

Christophe Gilbert Photography

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Christophe Gilbert Technorati Tags: Christophe Gilbert , Photography , Baby

Greg Williams Photography

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Greg Williams Photography Technorati Tags: Greg Williams , Photography , Black and White , Images

Christoph Martin Schmid Photography

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Christoph Martin Schmid Technorati Tags: Christoph Martin Schmid , Photography ,

Arron Andrews Photography

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New York City Portrait and Sports Photographer Technorati Tags: Arron Andrews , Photography , New York , Sports

Scope Basel Begins Today

Posted by | 9:20 PM
Basel, Switzerland is the center of the art fair universe this week as Art Basel, Scope Basel, Volta, and Liste all open today. If you are v...

Floris Van Breugel Photography

Posted by | 11:27 PM
Floris van Breugel's Fine Art Photography- powered by SmugMug Technorati Tags: Floris Van Breugel , Photography , Black and White , Fine...

But The Good News Is...

Posted by | 11:24 PM
Fists, Lithuania 2007 � Andrew MiksysCertain factions of the GOP are showing their true colors over the Sonia Sotomayor nomination. But the...

Marco Guerra Studio

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Marco Guerra Photography Studio Technorati Tags: Marco Guerra Studio , Photography , Black and White

Leda and the Swan

Posted by | 9:04 AM
Leda and the Swan, Cesare SestoThe myth of Leda and the Swan is disturbing. Zeus takes the form of a swan and rapes Leda on the same night ...

London Photographer Portfolio | Acuity Designs

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London Photographer Portfolio | Acuity Designs Technorati Tags: London , Photographer , Portfolio , Acuity Designs

Does Living Abroad Spark Creativity?

Posted by | 11:40 PM
Ernest Hemingway at the Finca Vigia, Cuba, 1953, JFK Presidential Library and MuseumA recent piece in The Economist highlights a study in th...

Herb and Dorothy

Posted by | 9:45 AM
This documentary looks really interesting. It's screening at Cinema Village on June 5.

New York Photo Festival, Come On!

Posted by | 6:52 PM
Exhibit AI want to start this post with two huge caveats. First, I am eternally grateful to the New York Photo Festival. Last year they ch...

Brian Walker Digital Artist

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lick the sun Technorati Tags: Brian Walker , Digital Artist , Art , Photography

Beautiful and Creative High Speed Photography

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Beautiful and Creative High Speed Photography | Toxel.com Technorati Tags: Beautiful , Creative High Speed , Photography