Dark Was The Night

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In 1999 the Red Hot Organization produced Red Hot + Blue, an album of contemporary artists reinterpreting the music of Cole Porter. In doin...

I Love Gifts in the Mail: Graham Miller and Kevin Miyazaki

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It's been a while since I wrote a Gifts in the Mail post. This ass-up economy has put a crimp in the gift sending that once made my mai...

Dexter and the Art of the Title Sequence

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I am late to Dexter. The series just finished its third season on Showtime and I have only recently watched the first two seasons on DVD. ...

Have You Seen This Cat?

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Via. Reminds me of the this.

Lyndon Wade Photography

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Lyndon Wade | Photographer Technorati Tags: Lyndon Wade , Photography , Photos , Images , Balloon

Walton Ford: Man and Beast

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Ornothomancy No. 3a � Walter FordI have been enjoying the profile of Walton Ford in the January 26 issue of The New Yorker. As someone who s...

Time Warner On Demand Service Sucks

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog topics to talk about the heaping mound of pixelated crap that is Time Warner On Demand. The Time ...

Carlos De Spinola Photograhy

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Carlos de Spinola Photography Technorati Tags: Carlos De Spinola , Photography , Photos , Images , Art , Wildlife

Christophe Huet - Professional Re-Touching

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Christophe Huet, professionnel de la retouche photo - professional retouching Technorati Tags: Christophe Huet , Professional , Re-Touching ...

Thank You, Penn!

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Gallbladder Canyon � Kim BrickleyBefore the week gets away from me I wanted to extend a big thank you to the hundred or so folks that braved...

Horses Think, Me Not So Much

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Ofer Wolberger is one of the smartest people I know. He also happens to be a very talented photographer. Naturally, his blog, Horses Think...