August Bradley Photography

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A superb portfolio of work from August Bradley . Technorati Tags: August Bradley , photographer , ph...

My Big List of Lists 2008

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Cats of the year by a landslide, Gilbert and FattyLast year I posted my 2007 Big List of Lists several weeks into 2008. At that point the y...

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year

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Everything will be slowing down over the next couple of weeks with Christmas and New Year Pending and I would just like to wish everyone a M...

Frank Herholdt - Lolita Collection

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Frank Herholdt Technorati Tags: Frank Herholdt , Lolita , Collection , Model , Art , Image

Chad Coombs Photography

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Chad Coombs Photography Technorati Tags: Chad Coombs , Photography , Photos , Last Supper

Making a Pinhole Camera

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I have been toying with the idea of building my own pinhole camera for a while now, and today I have stumbled across this excellent tutorial...

Fr�d�ric Audet Photography

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�SKIS - Personal project of Art Director, Designer sometimes Developper Fr�d�ric Audet Technorati Tags: Fr�d�ric Audet , Photography , Photo...

Happy Holidays!

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Pacific Coast Highway, Seal Beach, California � Amy Stein

Number Two! Number Two!

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After a three week stint as the best seller on the photo-eye bookstore list, my book has stumbled all the way to number two. So, which phot...

Holiday Gift Guide

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It's that time of year again. The time when everyone presses pause on their daily toils, surrounds themselves with friends and family, ...

Undiscovered Artists III

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Flipmoe Cadydid GoddessOfArt ...

Book Signing and More Tonight at Melanie Flood Projects

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Tonight I will be at Melanie Flood Projects' Holiday Party Number One signing copies of Domesticated. The evening promises to be jam pa...

Undiscovered Artists II

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Ardisrawr LaylaBlack dancingpickles Stevanoanoano ...

Graphic Design Jobs Dec 2008

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Senior Web Designer Job - Sheffield, South Yorkshire Designers wanted for consistent work Graphic Design Job Derby UK - �15,000 - �18,000pa ...

Marc Paeps Photography

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Marc Paeps - photography Technorati Tags: Marc Paeps , Photography , Photos , Manipulation , Art

Greg Williams Photography

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Greg Williams Photography Technorati Tags: Greg Williams , Photography , Run , Grass

Undiscovered Artists Feature I

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rattattart joestoes deviant------tart ...

Filip Kulisev Photography

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Amazing Planet - Filip Kulisev Photography Technorati Tags: Filip Kulisev , Photography , Photos , Landscapes , Bright

Photography of Zennuska

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The online portfolio of young up and coming Finnish photographer, Zennuska at Devia...

Features over the next few weeks.

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I have noticed previously that there is a lot of raw talent on facilities such as DeviantArt and Flickr which ultimately deserves more cover...

A Few Questions for Graham Miller

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Rhonda + Chantelle � Graham MillerLast May I was in Berlin and my visit happened to coincide with an exhibition of photographs from Hijacked...

Photography and Photomanipulations by Kahwe at DeviantArt

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Some really nice photography and photomanipulation by Kahwe at DeviantArt. Technorati Tags: Kahwe , DeviantArt , photog...

Will Browning Photography

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The inspirational and somewhat eclectic portfolio of photographer Will Browning . Technorati Tags: Will Browning , photographer , DeviantArt...

Photography of Christophe Ilorca

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Photography of French artist Christophe Ilorca . Technorati Tags: Christophe Ilorca , French , photographer , artist , co...

Photography by Stu Egan

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A nice online portfolio of photography by Stu Egan. Technorati Tags: Stu Egan , photographer , camera , photographs , im...

Photography of Paul Drzal

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A nice portfolio by Paul Drzal at About the photographer. Technorati Tags: Paul Drzal , architect , architectu...

Domesticated Show Opens Tonight in Philadelphia

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Riverside � Amy SteinTonight is the opening of my Domesticated show at the Print Center in Philadelphia. John Caperton and the folks at the...

Christopher Beyer Photography

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Christopher Beyer Photography Technorati Tags: Christopher Beyer , Photography , Photos , Bears , Art

Camera Club of New York Offers Amazing Residency Program

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� Paul GrahamI am still buzzing after seeing Paul Graham speak tonight at Swann Galleries, but I wanted to do a quick post about the Camera ...

Five Sexist Trends the Advertising World Just Can't Shake

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Gang rape is always in styleAlex Leo has a great post on her blog, My Problems Are Real to Me:This was a big year for women: The first serio...

Bent Rene Synnevaag Photography

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bent rene synnevaag on the Behance Network Technorati Tags: Bent Rene Synnevaag , Photography , Photos , Image , Art , Behance

United Steaks of America

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United Steaks of America � Dominic EpiscopoThis past Saturday we drove down to Philly to drop off prints for my Domesticated show that opens...

Juliana Beasley's Print Sale Is On

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Frieda � Juliana BeasleyOn Friday I mentioned that Juliana Beasley was going to be having a print sale. Well, it's on, bitches. Miss J...

But The Good News Is...

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Leopard Lady � Juliana BeasleyHaliburton subsidiary KBR has been up to serious no good and George Bush is practicing some dangerous regulato...

Corey Arnold at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

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Gulf Crossing � Corey ArnoldIf you are in Portland, Oregon you are probably getting rained on right now, drinking some shade grown coffee fr...

Hello My Name Is Merle Dean Shamblin

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Just received the best comment ever on my blog. I smell a meme. Hello my name is Merle Dean Shamblin and I would like to be your new frien...

Domesticated is Book a Day on Photo-Eye

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Domesticated is the Book a Day selection on the photo-eye site (it's also the top seller!). Yesterday the Book a Day selection was Amer...

Dean Isidro Photography

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Dean Isidro Photography Technorati Tags: Dean Isidro , Photography , Photos , Models , Black and White

Andy Julia Photography

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ANDY JULIA PHOTOGRAPHY Technorati Tags: Andy Julia , Photography , Photos , Models

Cast Out of Central Park

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Balto unimpressed at unveiling of the Balto statueInteresting post in the City Room Blog of the New York Times today about three bronze scul...

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---nachoban--photographer--------------------------------------------------------- Technorati Tags: Nachoban Photographer , Photography , Ph...

Black Friday

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What the fuck is wrong with us?A Wal-Mart worker died after being trampled when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Isl...

Chenmaner Photography

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?? - ?????? - CHENMAN WEBSITE - ????? Technorati Tags: Chenmaner , Photography , Photos , Art , Images

Marissa Kaiser Photography

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Marissa Kaiser Photography Technorati Tags: Marissa Kaiser , Photography , Photos , Images , Models , Fashion

It's a Mus-Mus World After All

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� Roger BallenOn November 4 at 600 Internet Time (the Esperanto of interval measurement?) a host of photographers from around the world took...

Antti Viitala Photography

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Antti Viitala Technorati Tags: Antti Viitala , Photography , Image , Kids , Fish

A Few Questions for Molly Landreth

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Clare Mercy, Bellingham, WA � Molly LandrethI first saw Molly Landreth's Embodiment series while we were both grad students at the SVA....

Miss America

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Amy and Zoe at the America openingZoe Strauss' America: We Love Having You Here opening at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery was a fabulous ...

Yelena Yemchuk Photography

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Yelena Yemchuk Technorati Tags: Yelena Yemchuk , Photography , Photos , Image , Art

Pre-order Signed Copies of Domesticated from Photo-eye

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You can now pre-order signed copies of my Critical Mass book, Domesticated, on the photo-eye bookstore site. It is a lovely little book sur...

Thursday Night In NYC

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Forest Glenn III � Christoph GielenTonight is a slow night for openings in New York, but that doesn't mean I won't be making the rou...

Thank You Syracuse

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Today I returned to New York City after two action packed days as a visiting artist in the Art Photography department at Syracuse University...

Ellen Kooi Photography

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ellen kooi Technorati Tags: Ellen Kooi , Photography , Photos , Images , Ice

Sean Kennedy Santos

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Sean Kennedy Santos Technorati Tags: Sean Kennedy Santos , Photography , Photos , Women , Models

ASMP Mentor Program

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I'm about to hop on a plane to do a visiting artist stint in the grad photo program at Syracuse University, but I wanted to give a quick...

Marco Grob Photography

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Marco Grob - Photographer Technorati Tags: Marco Grob , Photography , Photos , Boxing , Sport , Action

Photography by Mike Shaw

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I love the darkness of this shot by Mike Shaw , it is a truly superb shot and a testament to his photography and photoshop skills. Technorat...

Battle Photo: Auto Graveyard!

Posted by | 8:01 AM
I have led many a photographer into the visual Thunderdome that is Battle Photo, but I have never entered the squared circle myself. It onl...

Roman Lornac Photography

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Portfolio of photography by Roman Lornac. Technorati Tags: Roman Lornac , photography , images , photographs , black and white , camera , on...

Chris Marker's La Jet�e

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I teach the Freshman Seminar course in the photography program at Parsons The New School for Design. The course serves to give incoming stu...

Certificate of Awesometicity

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I took my car in to get an oil change this morning and this commercial was playing in the waiting area. My two favorite parts are when the w...

Catherine Nikola Photography

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Katarinka on deviantART Technorati Tags: Catherine Nikola , Photography , Art , Photos , Images

Sue Henry - Photography

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Flickr: su3h3nry's Photostream Technorati Tags: Sue Henry , Photography , Photos , Nature , Bush

Framing the Presidency

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In an age of hyper-partisan media and made-for-TV presidential stagecraft does the photograph still play an important role in helping the el...

Gaapstudio - Fashion Photography

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GAAPSTUDIO - fashion and glamour photography Technorati Tags: Gaapstudio , Fashion , Photography , Models , Art


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Alcove on deviantART Technorati Tags: Alcove , Deviantart , Photography , Images

Chromasia - Photography

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c h r o m a s i a / photoblog / out of context Technorati Tags: Chromasia , Photography , Black and White , Photos , Images