Chinese Mao Impersonators

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� Tommaso Bonaventura Tommaso Bonaventura's portraits of Mao Zedong impersonators. (Via Raw File)

Photographer #135: Xing Danwen

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Xing Danwen, 1967, China, currently lives and works in Beijing. She has been taking photographs of maquettes since 2004. Xing then takes pic...

Photographer #134: Myoung Ho Lee

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South-Korean photographer Myoung Ho Lee, 1975, photographs trees. He frames the trees against white canvas backdrops, seperating the tree fr...

Photographer #133: Yann Gross

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Yann Gross, 1981, Switzerland, went to Uganda in 2008 and 2009 to document the only Skatepark in East Africa. The skatepark was build by the...

Ben Heine - Pencil Vs Camera!

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I could have called it "Drawing Vs Photography" or "Imagination Vs Reality"... Thank you all for the great feedbacks you...

Photographer #132: Seba Kurtis

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Seba Kurtis, 1974, Argentina, studied journalism and became a political activist. He grew up under the dictatorship regime. In 2001, during ...

Photographer #131: Stacy Kranitz

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Stacy Kranitz, USA, 1976, has done an impressive amount of projects. Amongst her series are stories about Cock fighting, blues singer T-Mode...