A Few Questions for Jo Ann Walters

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� Jo Ann Walters I met Jo Ann Walters in the summer of 2002 at the Maine Photography Workshops. I was working as a teaching assistant, help...

Photographer #185: Nicolas Dhervillers

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Nicolas Dhervillers, 1981, France, is a photographer that keeps fooling it's viewers. What appears as reality is actually a fabricated r...

Photographer #184: Mike Ruiz

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Mike Ruiz, 1964, Canada, is a commercial and portrait / beauty photographer. Many celebrities have been in front of his camera, from 50 Cent...

Threshold Pt.7 Photography

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Threshold Pt.7 on the Behance Network

Photographer #183: Nico Krijno

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Nico Krijno, 1981, South-Africa, works between Cape Town and London. His photography often contains nudity and has an element of spontaneity...

NYC night, it's almost day - Photography

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1x.com - NYC night, it's almost day... by lovro

Photographer #182: Sayaka Maruyama

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Sayaka Maruyama, 1983, Japan, is an artist that uses various techniques in her artwork. She draws, paints, designs and edits films, but most...

Photographer #181: Rune Guneriussen

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Rune Guneriussen, 1977, Norway, is a conceptual photographer. He started to work with objects as chairs, lamps and tables in 2005. He makes ...