Photography Tips for Holiday Gatherings

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Info media photography : As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., we wanted to put together a few of our photography t...

Photographer #435: Bharat Sikka

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Bharat Sikka, 1973, India, is a documentary photographer who also concentrates on editorial and advertising work. He moved to New York to st...

Avoiding Red Eye in Your Photos

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Info media photography : While many new DSLR cameras do a great job of filtering out red eye problems, it’s not always the case. In this a...

Understanding White Balance

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Info media photography : Perhaps one of the most important camera settings that beginning digital photographers don’t understand is white b...

Shut down your computer and go live!

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This is not a written piece that is supposed to make you sad or feel pity; it is a calling to you and myself. It is not a manifesto or a pre...

J�rgen Heckel Photography - Wald

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Wald on the Behance Network

Sports photography tips

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Info media photography : Sports photography requires intuition and a great deal of attention andfocus. Sitting back and waiting for the rig...

Mirrorless Cameras

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Info media photography : The time has come for me to consider buying a new camera. That time eventually comes for everyone if you’re shooti...

How to Photograph Babies

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Info media photography : Oh baby photography, Its funny because some photographers find it extremely easy while others find it scary and di...

Why I Shoot With Prime Lenses

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Info media photography : There are a lot of different lens choices on the market today. How do you know what to get? Obviously there is no ...