American Photo's Top Emerging Photographers for 2008

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� Eric PercherEach year American Photo magazine publishes their list of the top emerging photographers in the world. Last year I was very h...

The Politics of the Retouched Headshot

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Un-retouched photo of Sarah Palin on the cover of NewsweekThe Atlantic has an interesting post by Virginia Postrel on the politics of portra...

Photography of Daryl Banks

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A nice range of photography from Daryl Banks. Technorati Tags: Daryl Banks , photography , potrtait , conceptual , landscape , fashion , mod...

Torturing Democracy

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I have no doubt that when historians weigh in on the last eight years they will cast it as one of the darkest periods in our nation's hi...

Photography portfolio of Lilya Corneli

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A somewhat unusual portfolio from Lilya Corneli . About the photographer . Technorati Tags: Lilya Corneli , photography , pictures , images ...

Beautiful baby portraitature by Kelley Ryden

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OK, here's something a little different for this blog, in Kelley Ryden's online portfolio there is page after page of tastefully sh...

The End of the Stranded Midwest Tour 2008

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Ghetto school in East St. Louis � Jacob HoldtYesterday was brutal. We drove from St Louis to Chicago (298 miles) and found only one situati...

Phillip Toledano Photography Portfolio

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phillip toledano on the Behance Network Technorati Tags: Phillip Toledano , Photography , Body , Art , Photos

Jamie Baker Photography

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Jamie Baker Photography Technorati Tags: Jamie Baker , Photography , Football , Sports , Fashion , Portraits

Christopher Beyer Photography

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Christopher Beyer Photography Technorati Tags: Christopher Beyer , Photography , Music , Fashion

HDR photographs of abandoned places around the world

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Photos by Pavel Krukov

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Photos by Pavel Krukov - Technorati Tags: Pavel Krukov , Photography , Photos , Images , Black and White

Nice portfolio from tigress-phan at DeviantArt

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I have been browsing around DeviantArt recently and I have found some really nice work. In this portfolio there are some...

Meet Me in St Louis

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208 High Street, Boonville, Missouri, 2007 � Timothy BrinerWe started the day in Kansas City and after a brief encounter with a weirdo at a ...