Photographer #160: Alejandro Cartagena

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Alejandro Cartagena, 1977, Dominican Republic, works and lives in monterrey, Mexico. His photographic works focuses on the urban, social and...

Native American Photography

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Native American on the Behance Network From the Graphic Design & Photography Forums

Photographer #159: Paul M. Smith

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Paul M. Smith, 1969, Great-Britain often focuses on the theme of masculinity. In series as Artist Rifles and Make My Night he is the only ...

Photographer #158: Pierre Winther

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Pierre Winther, 1964, Danmark, makes dramatic, cinematic and storytelling images. The photographs by Winther are often larger than life and,...

Photographer #157: Tierney Gearon

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Tierney Gearon, 1963, USA, made photographic series involving her mother and her children. Her photographs have been called "manipulati...

Photographer #156: Nicholas Hughes

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Nicholas Hughes, 1963, Great-Britain, "examines the space between the world that people inhabit and that which the nature still claims ...