Domesticated Show Reviewed On ArtInfo

Posted by | 1:16 AM
There is a lovely write up of my solo show by Roberts Ayers in the "Weekend Picks" section of ArtInfo. Check it out.

SVA in the Mother F'n House

Posted by | 9:29 PM
Untitled, 2004 (#3) � Thomas HoltonAt least once a week I get an email from a photographer asking me if they should apply to the School of V...

Washington Project for the Arts Auction This Friday

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Benjamin, 2007 � Erika LarsenThis Friday the Washington Project for the Arts is holding it's 2008 Art Auction Gala. The WPA auction has...

Hey Ladies, Part Deux

Posted by | 2:10 AM
� Ahndraya ParlatoI have been running around like the proverbial headless chicken of late and haven't had time to post much of anything....