Alena Nikiforova Photography - Moscow Metro

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Moscow Metro on the Behance Network

How to Photography Tattoos: Model Tattoo Photography

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Info media photography : In my last post I covered the most common type of tattoo photography, Macro Tattoo Photography, which is used to d...

Photographer #430: Rinko Kawauchi

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Rinko Kawauchi, 1972, Japan, is a fine art photographer based in Tokyo. She studied at the Seian University of Art and Design and graduated ...

Ross Feighery Photography - New Portraits from the Road

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New Portraits from the Road on the Behance Network

Photographer #429: Christoph Bangert

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Christoph Bangert, 1978, Germany, is a photojournalist based in Switzerland who studied photography at the Fachhochschule in Dortmund and at...

Summertime Tune-up for Your Camera

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Info media photography : There's nothing like an annual tune-up to keep things in tip-top condition. For example, experts advise changi...

How to Photograph Landscapes - Part One: The Basics

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Info media photography :   This article is the first of two. Readers should bear in mind that there is no simple formula for landscape pho...

Photographer #428: Eric T. White

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Eric T. White, 1982, USA, is a photographer based in New York City. When he started art school he did not have a clear idea what he should s...

J�rgen Heckel Photography - Stone

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Stone on the Behance Network

Flower Photography

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How To Photograph Flowers — Part One Info media photography : Every year, the April showers do their job and in all parts of the Northern H...