Photographer #140: Song Chao

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Song Chao, 1979, China, is a photographer with an interesting story. He started working in 1997 at a coal mine. While working there he start...

Matt Davis | Photographer

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Matt Davis | Photographer Technorati Tags: Matt Davis , Photographer

Photographer #139: Christian Kettiger

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Christian Kettiger, 1962, Switzerland, is a beauty and portrait photographer. Christian got into photography after seeing the work of Guy Bo...

Photographer #138: Paolo Woods

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Paolo Woods, 1970, The Netherlands, grew up in Italy and currently works and lives in Paris. He has published various books together with jo...

Photography - Writing with light

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The quality of light can transform an otherwise ordinary vista into a warm and moody scene. Understanding Light Light - the primary s...

Photographer #137: Manit Sriwanichpoom

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Manit Sriwanichpoom, 1961, Thailand, is a photographer as much as an activist. He got international recognition for his series This Bloodles...

Photographer #136: Tamara Dean

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Tamara Dean, 1976, is an Australian photographer. She is part of the Oculi photographic collective (devoted to illuminating the real lives a...