Adore Noir Magazine Issue #6

Adore Noir

Info media photography : The sixth issue of Adore Noir magazine is now out. Adore Noir is a fine art photography magazine available exclusively in digital format. Featuring exquisite musician portraits by Jim McGuire, world-class wedding photography by Jeff Ascough, a selection of pictures from the series “Transfigurations” by Norman Lerner, “neo-vintage” images by Adrian Davis, dramatic photographs of bullfighters by Michael Crouser, fine art landscapes by Rafal Maleszyk, an essay by Dominic Rouse and a richly illustrated behind-the-scenes story on the making of the documentary, The Silver Footprint; this issue reinforces the magazine’s commitment to high-quality black-and-white imagery. Adore Noir magazine is available for $2.95 from the website below.

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