16 Lucky Pictures of Shamrocks

Info media photography : If you’re unable to find a four-leaf clover this St. Patty’s Day, no worries. Pictures of three-leaf shamrocks look just as beautiful.

bright clover by andi.vs.zf

Happy St. Patrick's Day! by *~Dawn~*

Make a Wish by D. Sharon Pruitt

Four leaf clover desktop by Bill S

Beautiful day #1 by hiroko***

Pure hearts by Giang Hồ Thị Hoàng

Still Searching.... by K.Hurley

Intruso entre tréboles by kdperico

Belleek Irish teacup by Ann

droplets on a clover by Masaaki Komori

Funny little world by motiqua

clover and little white flowers by Mario

Clover sidewalk by Bill S

Sweet Clover by Jeffrey Kontur

Shamrock by Dull Blue Light Photography

Love and Luck by Kelly Newbury