16 Meditative Pictures of Thinkers

Info media photography : Getting a shot of someone deep in thought is very much like getting a picture of someone sleeping: it’s all about being in the right place at the right time without disturbing your subject. Then again, you could just have a statue pose for you.

Close up of The Thinker by Brian Hillegas

thinker by Petras Gagilas

A Little monk in the market by Sukanto Debnath

Vladi by Marko Milošević

Image by Danilo Arenas Ireijo

Sunset & the Thinker by Esparta Palma

:: عزه الله إني بالمودة تحملت..ما حدن في زعلي خفف الحمل عني :: by » Zitona «

Modern Thinker by Joselito Tagarao

Thinkers by Osbornb

Portrait of a Deep Thinker/Sinus Sufferer by stephanie carter

Contemplative Man by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

The Thinker by Nana B Agyei

The Thinker by Jayel Aheram

The Thinker by Ole Martin J

The Thinker... by Keven Law

Seltsam im Nebel... - In the Mist by Hartwig HKD