Transforming Reality – Photography by Xavier Rey

Info media photography : “Born in Albi (France) in 1974, I made my first steps in photography in 2005 when I arrived in Bordeaux. My meeting with the group of Bordeaux photographers SPBordeaux was a revelation and photography became for me an extraordinary means of expression.

Eclectic in nature, I work all photographic styles. My love for the sea and waterscape photography in B & W guide my work to a photographic style format where the square and the long exposure become one. I love working in this format, fitting length to give landscapes another reality, another view…mine.

Black and white photography is my primary mode of expression and allows me to fully express my vision. Sometimes I also do color, but it remains a rarity. Besides this, I also work on other personal projects such as portrait or photojournalism.

My photographic approach is something that is instinctive, as an impulse that prompts me to press the trigger at a specific time and place, atmosphere, people…

I love photographing in the moment – I discover a place and try to appropriate it.”

Xavier is one of my favorite photographers because he continually inspires me to find a deeper meaning behind the lens – he shows me that you can create an alternate reality with your camera that expresses your own unique vision.

To see more of Xavier’s incredible work, you can view his online portfolio by clicking here. You can also follow him on Google+.