25 Awesome Spinning Pictures

Info media photography : Photography does not always have to be static; there are lots of cool ways to take dynamic pictures. Just increase the exposure time on your camera and toss it, go visit anamusement park, a playground or simply point it at some lights.

whirling people machine by joiseyshowaa

Vortex by Hartwig HKD

Relativity and photography by Kevin Dooley

Twirl by Patty

spinning by josef.stuefer

Steel Wool Sparks on the Beach by Evan

HAL's Eye by Steve Jurvetson

Carosel Spins by Ishrona

Playing on the Merry go round by Charles Knowles

dots dancing alone on a busy pattern by Matt McDaniel

GomaPeace by Andres Rodriguez

Love Is On The Move by Vinoth Chandar

The Swing Carousel by Stig Nygaard

Catch a Painted Pony, Let the Spinning Wheel Spin..... by Rick Flores

Whirling Dervishes by Vladimer Shioshvili

The Green Wheel at Roskilde Festival 2009 by Stig Nygaard

Top Spin by Andrew Nourse

Terminator and Paratrooper by Andrew Dunn

1962 by Ian Sane

Steel Wool Sparks in the Street by Evan

an experiment in camera-tossing by Chad Miller

turn and nudge by Serge Melki

lohri by Lakshman Anand

Wheeeeee! by Nathan Jones

Spin Cycle by Andrew Curtis