20 Delightful Duck Pictures

In a Hurry by Keith

Info media photography : Anywhere you have water you can find ducks, and with their loud, iridescent colors, and spontaneous take-offs, they make delightful photo subjects. Check out these 20 duck pictures.

Inflight Ducks by Hernan Vargas

Mr Drake's showertime by Stephen Heron

You say'n it's HBW by Keven Law

For my Flickr friend Anna Greece by John Haslam

Happy Duck.... by Keven Law

In all his glory by Stephen Heron

Look at me!! by Stephen Heron

Pair by Tony

Not just a pretty face.. by Keven Law

Plunging down by Jack Wolf

Pinion display by Stephen Heron

Taking off by Tambako The Jaguar

Speed by Stephen Heron

the cure:cold by Lali Masriera

Up and away by Dennis Jarvis

Sweet ducklings by Tambako The Jaguar

A twinkle in her eye by Stephen Heron

A salute to my flickr friends by Stephen Heron

Untitled by Dennis Jarvis

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