29 Hot Pictures of Sunglasses

My Red Sunglasses by Vincent
Info media photography : Surprisingly enough, the first use of sunglasses was not to protect our eyes from the sun, but rather it began about a thousand years ago for judges to hide their eyes and facial expressions in court. Sam Foster, in 1929, invented the first pair of sunglasses made especially to protect your eyes from the sun. Check out these 29 hot pictures of sunglasses.

Through Sunglasses by Florin Gorgan

Rayban HDR by Easa Shamih

NYC by Vincent

Catching the Evening Sun in Stockholm by Vincent

Patriotic Pampered Pocket Pooch Posing Proudly by Randy Robertson

Get Real! by William Cho

20070711-8732-2b by Dan Foy

Mila at the Beach by Boudewijn Berends

Mom in Reflection with Storm Clouds by Marya

48/365-Puppy Kisses by Cordey

My Red Sunglasses by Vincent

Reflections by Mel Stoutsenberger

image by Misserion

9840 by Austin Anomic

image by Luis Hernandez

Stylin' by Marvin Kuo

Hubba Hubba Bubba by Paige

Cheese by Joseph Paquette

Martini Girl by Angelo González

YvesSaintLaurent by Tani Spectre

Reflection (EXPLORED!) by Nono Fara

Stevie & Alicia by Shandi-Lee

Stained-Glass Windows by Leland Francisco

107/365 by Meghan

desireejumpingabrahambubbles by Kristen Hartsoch

Sexy Bitch by Dan Queiroz

198/365 - Seven Deadly Sins - Pride. by Courtney Carmody

Sunglasses by Allen Skyy

image by Connor Tarter

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