Fabrice Wittner Photography - Enlightened Souls

Info media photography : After the 6.3 quake occurred in Canterbury NZ, people were involved to help their neighbors, to rebuild houses, to clean the street or to make donations. I wanted to contribute by doing something too, giving what I was able to, some of my time and skills.Giving support to my friends, to the men and women I met, who told me their stories. I liked somehow to show this support and admiration to all those people I don't even know but who stand strong facing this drama with courage and humility.It's also important to me not to forget the loss when the main thought is about to rebuild.
I might be a ridiculous rain drop in the ocean of help Christchurch got from every part of the country, but I definitely wanted to be a part of it.
This project has been submitted to the Christchurch City Council. The donation of prints didn't find any reply yet - everybody can understand that they may have some bigger preoccupations right now - but I'd still like to give it some exposure.

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inmypencilcase mengatakan...

I have just come across this artist as chch is my home town i would love to know where I can buy a print ? Regards Vicky

Triana Black mengatakan...

Hai Vicky ...
thanks for visit @my blog :), for buy you can contact me (amikom@ymail.com)