Goodbye my friends Ao Cahyoe

Photography Ao Cahyono
Info media photography : Sad news from the realm of photography Navan, surprising indeed. But all has become the will of the Creator, my friend photographers Ao Cahyoe leaving comrades photographer Navan and surrounding areas for ever. Although not so close to Ao Cahyoe ane but the figure is very good in the eyes of his friends.

This talented young photographers arguably has a different character, it is ane see from some of his photographs that nemplok on his FB photo album. Game lighting and angle of the photograph could have spelled okay.

In addition to photographing the figure of Ao fond Cahyoe also a blogger who enjoys sharing knowledge through his personal blog.

The late photographer Strobist classified holic, most of his photo work is done using the flash off camera or language kerenya Strobist. As a final tribute. Below are some photographs ane include Ao Cahyoe. Bye friend ....

May all his deeds received at the other, .... amen

This link Ao Cahyoe FB account
This blog links Ao Cahyoe

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Accomplishments ever achieved by Ao Cahyoe (late) as follows:

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