How to Learn Photography Now

Info media photography : If you want to know how to learn photography you need to do one thing: immerse yourself into this wonderful art. With proper direction and guidance you’ll have no problem learning photography (as this article will show you).
There are a number of directions you can take to begin on how to learn photography. You can…
  • Get a mentor that is a professional photographer
  • Attend a university with a major in photography
  • Go to an art school for photography
  • Learn yourself
This article will focus on the “teach yourself” part. It is the way many professional photographers got started that are now teaching at universities and major photography classes.
How did they go about becoming experts in the field?
I like to boil it down to two essential ingredients: learning as much as possible and practicing as much as possible. And then repeating the two of these as much as possible!
There are many places where you can find out how to learn photography and I recommend you check out each and every single one of these resources. Each will have its strengths and weaknesses and each will have at least one piece of new knowledge you can soak in from it.
There are video courses (like those available from Lynda), books you can get from bookstores, digital books, local classes you can register for, and even seminars you can attend to learn from the pros. The more you immerse yourself in this learning atmosphere the more you’ll start to improve.
Subscribing to Magazines with Great Photos
One of the digital photography tips that really helped me improve my photos was subscribing to National Geographic Magazine and looking at all the fascinating images they had. Being a nature photography enthusiast, this worked well for me and gave me many creative ideas.
Find the type of photography you love and then locate a magazine that uses this type of photography. If you’re into high end fashion photography find high end fashion magazines!
Implementing What You Learn
There are people that read books, watch videos, and do everything they can to become “big nerds” of photography. They even know the history of the art from its very existence. Yet they can’t take a quality photo to help their lives. These are the people that fail to implement what they learn into their own photography.
It is critically important for you to use every piece of new information you learn in your photography. I recommend going out and taking some photos each time you learn something new. Give yourself assignments with the specific purpose of using a new technique or tip.
For more photography tips be sure to check out Digital Photo Secrets, a complete guide on photography.

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