16 Elegant Headscarf Pictures

Info media photography : It is fascinating to see how many different types of headscarves you can find around the world. In photography, the headscarf can add a mysterious and stylish quality to portraits.

Best Mood of Humanity by hapal

India: Inside the Taj by Steve Evans

Image by Suus Wansink

Portrait by Amirul Hilmi Ariffin

Girl on her way to get water, Kabala, Sierra Leone (West Africa) by John Atherton

May I ...? by Hamed Saber

Old Days Queen by Hamed Saber

197/365 ~ Scarffed by kim

India by Steve Evans

Deep way to look by hapal

Pavement Texting by kamshots

Image by kian Elyassi Bakhtiari

Iranian Beauty by Hamed Saber

Sad Old Woman by Hamed Saber

Chaperone by Logan Campbell

215/365 - It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career by Helga Weber