25 Sweet Pictures of Elk

Info media photography : Elk are one of those creatures that are a treat to get a sweet picture of. If you aren’t in a location where elk are likely to frequent, then head to a national park like Yellowstone to get your fair chance at the subject. But, while you are planning your photo journey, check out these 25 sweet elk pictures for some inspiration.

elk in the river by Rachel Sapp

Untitled by dw_ross

Wapiti by Ludovic Hirlimann

Elk: Wildlife beauty in Jasper National Park. by Peggy

Bull elk losing it's velvet by Alan Vernon

bull elk, with broken tine by jack

Royal by Bryce Bradford

Taking a break by Richard Taylor

Thule Elk cry by Chris Willis

Canyon elk by Rob Annis

Roosevelt Elk, Redwood National Park by Steve Dunleavy

Elk by Kaibab National Forest

Tule Elk, Cervus canadensis by Bill Bouton

North American Elk by Nathan Siemers

Tule Elk by Paulo Philippidis

Elk Along the Lakes Edge by Cindy See

A Fawn Alone by schmeeve

7000 Miles by Gavin Schaefer

Elk at Sunset by Larry Lamsa

Elk Looking for Food in Snow by bm.iphone

Elk Calves by Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

On Guard by Brad Edwards

Boys' Club by Bill Bouton

Grazing elk by wanderstruck

Elk and Frost by Larry Lamsa