Fiat 600 Multipla ''Vorto''

The new 600 Multipla “Vorto” concept takes its inspirationfrom the remarkable success of the original “600 Multipla” of the late50’s,thanks to its innovative “flexibility” that adapts itself magically tovery different needs of various users by optimizing the passenger area usage.

This heritage gives the new concept the opportunity to be usedasa long journey vehicle as well as for short distances, with the refined“Italian” touch. This approach comes up with top quality materials andintelligent solutions during the creation of the interiorarchitecture of thevehicle.

An interior architecture that gives a comfortable livingopportunity with particular features like adaptable multi-configuration seatplan that permits the passengers interact between them and the convertible sunroof that enhances the relation of the passengers with the outside world thatis defined as “in-vironment”.
The same “Italian touch” presents itself also in theRetroperspective exterior design that reflects the traditional language incompliance with the amusement thanks to the pleasure that it adds to thecomfort in your journey, where ever is the destination.

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