Taking Pictures of Animals


Info media photography : When it comes to taking pictures of animals, you are really going to want to get the best possible pictures you can get. This article will try and give you simple tips for taking great photos of animals.
There are two different types of animals you can photograph: your pets and the captive, and the wild animals.
When taking photos of pets or animals in cages you really don’t have as much to worry about except compositional techniques. The animals won’t be moving like crazy and should be easier to handle. If its your own pet you could feed them some food and they’ll stay still for sure.
Photographing wild animals is a bit trickier. These animals are in the wild and run from people. You’re going to have to sneak towards them and capture a shot of them quick. If you’re photographing fast animals like birds you have to be extra quick as they could fly off in seconds.
When taking animal shots you should try to keep the background simple. Try to avoid overly complex backgrounds that distract the viewer. Also, be sure that you get as close as you can. Far away shots of animals can work, but they are harder to pull off than close up shots.
To get great close up shots you should really think of getting a telephoto lens. There are some telephoto lenses built so you do not need a tripod. This is great as hauling a tripod around when taking shots of wild animals can be difficult.
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