Lines for Photography – How to use the lines in your digital photos


Info media photography : Everyone says to use lines in your photos. I’m sure you have heard to use lines in your photos to lead the viewer to the subject. There are, however, a LOT more different ways you can use the lines. This article will attempt to give you new knowledge you’ve never before known about how powerful lines really are.
Everything in the world is made up of lines. Photos will have lines whether you like it or not. Using the lines right will make your photos much nicer. As mentioned before, one simple way to use lines is to have them lead the viewer somewhere. For example, roads have lines that lead the viewer to a point in the distant.
Lines, however, are also very effective in giving depth. A photo, when you think about it, is a two dimensional image. It has no depth at all. When you take a picture of stairs and you’re facing directly at them then the lines will give no sense of depth. It’ll look two dimensional. Now, those stairs…if you move and take a photo of the stairs at an angle so the lines go from the background to the foreground, this will create depth and lead towards somewhere.
The most effective way to use lines to lead somewhere is to use the depth effect. Have them lead from the background all the way to the foreground. This will make the photo look three dimensional.
Of course, using lines in that way described above is very dynamic and creates a sense of motion. If you take a photo of lines straight on and horizontal it’ll look very calm, relaxing, and peaceful. Think of landscape photos or shots of the beach.
Lines are a very powerful tool in photography. They’re powerful for ANY visual medium. Drawers have used lines for hundreds of years.
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