How to Create Balanced Photos


Info media photography : A photo that has balance can make for much more pleasing shots. A photo that is unbalanced can make your photos look ugly. Balance is a simple compositional technique that you can start implementing right now! And NO, it doesn’t require any extra equipment .All you need is an eye and a brain.
There are primarily two different types of balance.
This type of balance is seen very often. This basically means the same thing as Elle. Look at that word. It is balanced. El and LE are like mirror images of the same thing and create symmetry. If you cut the thing down the middle they’re the same.
You can use symmetrical balance in less obvious ways also. For example, you can make two people talking to each other and have them mirror each other. They, however, don’t look the same in detail.
The other type of balance is asymmetrical balance. This is balance that isn’t obvious or direct opposites of each other. Dog. Look at that word. It is asymmetrically balanced. Let’s use our imagination a little bit since I can’t put a photo in this article. The “D” is in the foreground and close to you. The “g” is in the background and is far in the distance. They balance each other out in the overall word.
You can use this in your image by having, for example, a rock in the foreground and it balanced by rolling mountains in the distance. You can also use this balance for balancing things from the left side and the right side.
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