How to Take Good Photographs


Info media photography : Learning how to take good photographs is like learning any other craft or skill…it takes practice and consistency. The problem with most beginners is that they practice photo taking but don’t have an instructor or mentor to guide them in their artistic development. Practice without proper training from “Experts” that have spent years in photography is going to give you a lot of trial and error. It will take you years to learn what experts could teach you in weeks.
Developing Your Eye
The first step in learning how to take good photographs is to develop your eye. The camera, although it is your instrument, is not what will make you take quality photos. Having a good eye that sees beauty even in the most “bland” locations is what makes a good photographer.
Developing an eye for photography takes years and years. And it never ends. Professionals are still developing and improving the way they see the world. For beginners, the key is to start with one extremely simple image composition tips.
Many people that take photos look at the scene, point the camera, look through the viewfinder for a second, then take the photo. How could they expect a quality photo from that?
The better way is to actually look at the image before taking it AS IF it was a photograph. Look at the edges of the image. Notice where the central point of interest in the photo is.
Ask yourself a few questions before taking the photo.
  1. Do I have a main object of interest in the photo? Or is it just a big mess of many objects of importance?
  2. If I move the subject of interest to the left/right/top/bottom will the photo look better?
  3. If I moved my position (knelt down, got on a chair) would the image look better?
  4. How does the background look? Is it cluttered? Does it distract from the main object of interest?
  5. Are there strong vertical or horizontal lines in the photo? Do they work for or against the image?
  6. If I get closer/farther will the image be more captivating?
At first, it may take a while to ask these questions. With practice, however, these questions will become an integrated part of your photo taking. And you’ll notice that your photos will start looking better with very little effort.

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